About Us

DotComLessons was created to help anyone improve their credit or build credit from scratch. Knowing how hard it is to build a good credit history, we made it extremely easy for anyone to accomplish their goals about getting their dreams established.

The founder of DotComLessons, Allen Brown, knew the importance of maintaining good credit and how life-changing a good credit score can be. His desire to help his community in this area grew and thus became the seed for DotComLessons today.

There are many benefits for you as a member of DotComLessons. For one, you are already approved. Our application process is easy and you are guaranteed approval. What we do for you once you have established a history with us is report that to the major credit bureaus. This can be very beneficial to boost your credit rating and also help you become a good candidate for other loan and credit programs.

Not only are you able to establish your credit with DotComLessons, but we also focus on providing educational courses that will enhance your knowledge in many different ways in a variety of topics. We also have a rewards program where you can earn commissions just by being a part of our program. To get more information on how DotComLessons can benefit you in other ways, click here.

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